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Westford Wood Stove
  • Cook with fairly small amounts of wood.
  • Energy efficient wood burning chamber, comparable to some rocket stoves.
  • Manage thickness/size and amount of wood sticks to achieve low or high flame
  • Portable and lightweight
  • Sturdy frame.  No assembly required.  100% welded steel.
  • Available in three sizes:  13", 17" and 21" tall.
  • No heavy ceramic parts that break.

  • Includes wok ring for cooking with round bottom cookware like woks and discs (discadas)

Cook traditional discada


Meats and vegetables on your favorite cookware



Shrimp and rice


Compatible with most types of cookware like:  dutch ovens

Pans / skillets

Rocket stove


Cook with:

* Pots

* Pans / skillets

* Dutch ovens

* Griddles

* Woks

* Discs (discadas)

Powerful heating capacity
Go out and find free fuel!

Won't need much wood to cook for an hour

Find a dead tree and you'll have fuel for weeks

No gas, no problem!
Better than a rocket stove
Great cooking solution for preparedness
Easy to carry, easy to clean
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Available in 3 sizes:

Model HL214 -  21" tall

Model HL174 -  17" tall

Model HL132 -  13" tall

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