Outdoor Cooking Products


Carbon Steel Cookware

Super Heavy Duty Cookware.

Westford's pans are high performance products due to the superior steel thickness:  1/8" (3 mm).  Thicker than most other brands.  This means better heat retention and more even heat distribution.

Brushed and polished for the smoothest and cleanest cooking surface.    Coating free.   Non-toxic.  No unhealthy non-stick chemical coatings.   Seasoning with cooking oil will develop a natural patina (thin layer) that will give the pan non stick properties.

A shape and size for every dish:

8" skillet


10" skillet

12" skillet


14" skillet


14" fry pan


17" pan / griddle


19" fry pan


20" Disc (Discada)


21" pan / griddle


Tougher and lighter than cast iron, carbon steel cookware will never break.

Oven safe.  Metal utensil safe.  Induction compatible.

Rugged, strong build to stand the most demanding outdoor cooking conditions.  For cooking on any type of stove top, ovens, grills, campfires, open fire, outdoor cookers and wood fired ovens.

Seasoning required.  Hand wash, dry immediately and rub a few drops of cooking oil after each use to prevent from rusting.  With proper care, these pieces of cookware will last a lifetime.



Outdoor Cooking Products

by Inventiva